Do you want to discover your inner guide to find meaning and purpose? Are you interested in connecting to your inner wisdom for insight and finding or reaffirming your path in life? Do you have a desire to be more self-aware and centered? 

This retreat aims to teach methods for going inward and discovering your own intuitive, creative, nurturing guide and source for a meaningful and fulfilling life.  The retreat is held in Hawaiʻi, a place of healing and power (or mana). The retreat focuses on methods of the inner journey that will lay the groundwork for developing a deeper connection to yourself and to others. The practices that will be explored during this retreat include:

These methods can be used to facilitate the process of individuation in which the individual self develops out of an undifferentiated unconscious. It is a developmental psychic process during which innate elements of personality, the components of the psyche, and the experiences of your life become integrated over time into a well-functioning whole. Learning takes place through theory and experiential practice of the techniques. You will learn and explore the following areas:

  • Quieting and stilling the mind 

  • Creating focus and a sense of calm and poise

  • Entering into a relaxed state, alleviating stress and anxiety

  • Getting in touch with your inner self for insight and guidance

  • Methods to work with your dreams and improve recall

  • Understanding the language of dreams

  • Healing through the power of the mind

  • Experiential learning modalities 

  • Integrating these practices into your daily life