Do you live in a rural community where it's difficult to access psychotherapy? Are you homebound or just live a busy life? Would you like to be able to receive psychological services from the comfort of your home or office?  

Telepsychology (or telehealth) is the delivery of services through videoconferencing and other technological modalities in lieu of, or in addition to, traditional face-to-face methods (e.g., therapy using the phone or videoconferencing, use of applications to track mood states, and consultations via email or messaging). Some clients live in small communities and may fear that they or individuals they discuss in therapy may already be known to their therapist.

Others live in remote areas where there is not much choice of therapists and where some services may not be available at all. Some clients are homebound or lead hectic, busy lives that make it challenging to attend therapy in person. Telepsychology provides an option for individuals who may otherwise have difficulty accessing psychological services. I offer telepsychology as an option if you feel you would benefit from the use of these technological modalities.