Do you want to gain insight into your dreams? Are you interested in learning the language of dreams? Do you want to have a better understanding of how to use your dreams to guide you?

The aim of dreamwork is to explore the various images, symbols, and emotions that a dream presents and evokes, while not attempting to come up with a single unique dream meaning. A dream may have a variety of meanings depending on the levels (personal, cultural, or archetypal) that are being explored. Dreams emerge from the unconscious in an effort to compensate some attitude of our ego. In addition, some dreams have what is called a prospective function. These are dreams that anticipate some probable eventuality in the future. 

A dream offers potentially valuable alternatives to the attitude of our ego. These alternatives appear in the dream as images, which emerge spontaneously and autonomously from the unconscious. Because our ego often has a maladaptive attitude, it has difficulty appreciating the potential value of these images. All too often, our ego experiences these images as a threat, and it reacts defensively. If, however, our ego can respond receptively to these images and engage them appropriately, the dream can transform our consciousness.

Dreamwork is intended for you to explore your dreams through a learning experience utilizing a variety of techniques in a safe environment. You can benefit from psychoeducation about dreams and build skills that will enable you to work more effectively with your dreams; improving dream recall, approaching dreams as symbolic, and developing an ongoing relationship to your dream life.